tabaqat content is the foremost collection of geographic information from Saudi Arabia. It includes hundreds of data layers to support your work.

Saudi Arabia Data in One Place

Explore tabaqat Geospatial datasets

Consolidate data into one place, access copies of hundreds of authoritative datasets, invite collaborators, powerful GIS lite viewer. No IT or server software required. Discover the Saudi collection of map layers that can jumpstart projects. Complement your dashboards, applications, or analytics by inserting constantly updated or ready-to-use layers.

Data Accessability

Add tabaqat Data on various GIS software

Access data via Standards compliant APIs compatible with your ESRI Software or your Open Source GIS software. Do your GIS Analysis and we will do the data curating and updating for you to enrich your GIS work.

Up-to-date Datasets

Discover the always-updated from reliable Saudi data platforms

We are constantly adding open and commercial data to the platform. Types of geospatial datasets include satellite and aerial photos, point clouds, and weather data, Covid data and much more.